Reflection… before personal development

All the questions and perhaps philosophical approach are set of personal developing, rather than personal eloquence or my confessions. The article can be used for personal reflection, not an educational material.

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Before I started writing my reflection of personal development I give a few questions for myself to recognise my interior needs and personal curiosity.

For instance:

  • Who am I today and who I want to be in the further?
  • Who I was in the past? Who I am Today? Who I want to be tomorrow?
  • Difficulties and obstacles in my present life.
  • How I can deal with the obstacles and what prevents me to forward on?
  • How I evaluate myself to improve interior relation?
  • How personal development help me to deal with others?
  • Dream works as a recall from own physical existences.
  • Understand own self.
  • Recognise and understand forgiveness for self and others.
  • How time could be effective for the issues and how much time I need to achieve the goal?
  • How I will see my future with dilemmas and without them?
  • Who is responsible for me right here and now?

In my first stage after back to college, I find difficulties in learning cos of the barrier of the English language. That issue makes me easy to giving up. So if English is not your first language, that will be hard to prepared for academic activity which could create a lot of anxiety.
Next issue was different shifts in full time employed. That course sleep disturbance, then tiredness and again anxiety. What was funny here, when I try to regulate the biologic time. Next issue arrived in the short term as procrastination. Was easy to fix it with “Pomodoro effects” but is need a big dose of motivations.
An important aspect is to limitate social interactions cos of time-consuming and working full time and study is not an easy option. Avoid public socialise and after work straight back to home especial when I have to work till late like 1 AM. After all, I was able to recognise the basic needs. To remove my obstacles and forward on my goals. Few steps that help me to keep the life in balance.

  • Go sleep every night at the same time and wake up also in the same time, for instance, sleep seven hours
  • I have to be in bed not late than 2 am and wake up not late than 9 am.
  • That can involve a dream works. When I start to analyse my dreams I found lots of information about myself and my life.
  • To understand own self I find a good way not only in reflection, journaling but also in poems and drawing.
  • Every day reading an academic book at list 30 minutes and make English practice for 1hr. Here is a good point when you study what you like and use that knowledge to improve the English language.
  • Use personal therapy as much as possible.
  • Keep on meditation and learn how to deal with stress to not forgot about journaling and analyse the text in proper time to find more about myself.
  • Great work is makes journaling which is pretty joy in my life at the moment literary I grateful for my level and I happy what I achieve at the moment.

To help evaluate myself to improve interior relation I keep questioning and analyse all or most all my decision which help me to avoid obstacles and unexpected behaviour. In this way, I understand more and accept more myself.

How personal development help each other is easy to recognize at the moment after express and evaluate myself, truly and enough to accept myself as I am, so when I better feel myself I am butter to others in the same place. Someone said :


In the end, I planned to make a personal blog to help others in life process involving educations and personal growth.

Published by Marcin Bogucki

Counselling & Psychotherapy for both English and Polish speakers.

4 thoughts on “Reflection… before personal development

  1. Hi Marcin,

    This is a wonderful article about Self-Relfection.
    I love you have put up your personal insights in this post. I’m sorry that you had to struggle so much earlier on. But I’m glad that you have overcome those barriers and become who you are now! The other two links are also very insightful to say the least! Thanks for such a wonderful article. It really made my day.

    I enjoy your work so much that I have subscribed to your blog. 🙂

    Kiran Kandel

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mention not, Marcin! 🙂
        Keep your articles coming!
        If you could spare a minute of your time to look at my blog and provide some feedback, it would be invaluable to me. Thank you very much.

        Liked by 1 person

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