The conditional love.

The conditional love. ( how difficult is love unconditionally )

I love u she said
I know u love me
Do u love me she asks
I want to love you …u are my sun

Then it is raining
Do you love me she asks
I want to but it is too much clouding
I love you, she said. Why do you not love me
Do I not like your sun.
Then it is raining.

Remove the clouds then I will able to love you.

Why u don’t love me with clouds
I cannot  see the love  with the  clouds
Am I  not your sun she asked
Yes you are but I don’t see the sun because it is too cloudy.
It is raining. ( again)

Wait for the rainbow, she said. Then you come to your sun into the cloud.
Then comes the rain.
I love you do you not see the rainbow
I see but it is  flooding by the rain.

U can swim, you told me u are able to do.
Let swim to your sun
I try but I am not able to swim in clouds.

…and it is raining again

Published by Marcin Bogucki

Counselling & Psychotherapy for both English and Polish speakers.

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