Fall in love.

Photo by Karolina

To fall in love it is a beautiful moment. But do not forget love & respect your self first, as you the most important elements in your amazing but often difficult life.

Do you see these scraps of plants and twigs floating? Floating in a moss-covered heart. It is so with our heart, because we keep some of our thoughts and memories close to us for whatever reason, and some of them have been allowed to go away, to float a little further and deeper. These thoughts and images, perhaps will never disappear, but it depends largely on us whether we want the remnants of our memories to remain closer or further from us. Let us remember that we can still see them in our transparent heart of memories.

Take care with your self and all the broken thoughts will be gone.

Published by Marcin Bogucki

Counselling & Psychotherapy for both English and Polish speakers.

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