Attachment Theory.

JOHN BOWLBY’S THEORY AND HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS. Attachment theory has three-attachment styles. Secure, Avoidant and Anxious or Ambivalent. Secure Secure attachment is when caregivers are responded to continuously for child needs. A child feels safe and trusts the environment. As an adult person who grows up in strong attachment has an excellent ability to trust others,Continue reading “Attachment Theory.”

Schema Therapy

JEFFREY YOUNG’S SCHEMA THERAPY. Schema Therapy was developed by Jeffrey Young and other supporters who adopted that technique from CBT in the 1980s, alongside components of Attachment theory, Gestalt and Psycho-dynamic Approaches.  Schema Therapy has four main points;  • Early Maladaptive Schema, which has eighteen other schemas, for instance; emotional deprivation, undeveloped self, or negativityContinue reading “Schema Therapy”

More about compassion.

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is linked with other behavioural approaches, and was created for people with mental health and psychological disorders. It is most beneficial for clients who are struggling with shame and guilt (Gilbert, 2009), but also for people who suffer from Anxiety, Shame, Self-criticism, Depression, Eating disorders, Anger, Suicide, and Self-injury  Like inContinue reading “More about compassion.”

Attentiveness in the mind.

Mindfulness approaches.  Mindfulness is used in a comprehensive way in psychotherapy. Mindfulness is a deliberate living right here and now with full awareness (Lehrhaupt, Meibert, 2017). Without attachment to the moment, but also not rejecting or judging, more attending and experiencing any new moment without bounding between past and future, rather being here and nowContinue reading “Attentiveness in the mind.”

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT in short is an integration of cognition and behaviour psychology which interact with human behaviour in various fields of human existence. This therapy is developing to improve mental health and wellbeing of individuals.  According to Beck’s Instruction of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT in short, is an establishment ofContinue reading “Cognitive Behavior Therapy”

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Is DBT good for me ? Many different behavioral therapy was create in the past decades. DBT seem to be one of the best in particular issues and is not so far from already known cognitive approaches like CBT. Who can be beneficial with DBT. Self harm & suicide reduction Depression & Anxiety Eating disorderContinue reading “Dialectical Behavior Therapy”

The Id, Ego and Superego.

Today will be continuous of Freud’s Psychoanalytical thinking, including the Id, Ego & Superego. In the 1920’s, Sigmund Freud named three parts of the human mind which were the basis for the structure of the personality. Freud named these as being the Id, which is concerned with the pleasure principle. The ego was involved withContinue reading “The Id, Ego and Superego.”

Self actualiztion with Abraham.

Is the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs important? Abraham Maslow and his approach for human existentialism is the last part of the Introduction to Humanistic and Existential approaches in Counselling and Psychotherapy. In this post I will summaries my last three posts to make it as simple as I can. It is worth being reminded ofContinue reading “Self actualiztion with Abraham.”

How we build a self esteem ?

Challenge your own values. Personal Development is a long process of human puzzling. Many different stages of our life create something new. It exists every time something important or useful occurs in the rest of our being. In this post I will touch base on the Rogerian Theory and I will continue with the IntroductionContinue reading “How we build a self esteem ?”