Anxiety as a psychological disorder from a different perspective.

Anxiety as a psychological disorder from a different perspective. Individuals cannot rest, individuals cannot eat, individuals cannot discuss. All they can do is just think about how to get things done to get rid of fear. Which constantly puts pressure on things that will most likely never happen, and makes unwanted considerations that can leadContinue reading “Anxiety as a psychological disorder from a different perspective.”

Ecological System according to Urie B.

Urie Bronfenbrenner American psychologist born in Russia, Moscow on April 29, 1917. He is most known from his input in Ecological Psychology of child development. By his core beliefs, our existence in the surrounding environment is the key to human development. He explains his work in five environmental systems. Through the ecological system, Bronfenbrenner showedContinue reading “Ecological System according to Urie B.”

Self – Awareness as a Practitioner.

Professional awareness Self awareness is a big set of rules for all of us but as a practitioners, we also, should wisely remember that we are our own most important counselling instrument. Every counselling practitioner should aspire to achieve excellent standards in psychotherapy practice. Attending personal development and practising self-care is critical to professional awareness.Continue reading “Self – Awareness as a Practitioner.”

Social Skills and Personal Boundries

Social Skills and Personal Boundaries are the next part of becoming a Good Enough Counsellor. Today we will talk about social skills and the interaction and the use of the therapeutic approach. Also, I will discuss the boundaries you can find in the counselling room i.e. during a social activity. Social and communication skills. WhatContinue reading “Social Skills and Personal Boundries”

Counselling skills for all.

Skills that we can develop in everyday conversations. Counselling skills are for all of us not only for practitioners in the mental health area. These skills help us to communicate more effectively and understand other people on the same level as we wish to be understood. In a previous post, I talked about what itContinue reading “Counselling skills for all.”

Be Good Enough…

Do we need to be perfect or be good enough is OK ? Be Good Enough… That is right. Who is a good Counsellor or Psychotherapist ? All we know is that a person trained in mental health needs with good knowledge, experience and other life skills. Perhaps, Good character and be nice? Being niceContinue reading “Be Good Enough…”

Working with acceptance.

The awareness of the change. I’m writing today’s blog according to actualizing tendencies and locus of evaluation. What is that? It is super conscious and internal wisdom, a source of fully functioning person and self-awareness by understanding and acceptance. That is the most significant moment and experience, not only in therapy but in our wholeContinue reading “Working with acceptance.”

Journey to self-awareness.

What do we learn during our development The journey towards self-awareness as a therapist and as a person, is a process of lifelong designed reflection, how to be a human being. It is the art of life. It is an old experience which is the actual asset for life. This experience is a part ofContinue reading “Journey to self-awareness.”

What a Counsellor and Psychotherapist have to learn…?

Yes, that’s the question. Counsellors and psychotherapists have to learn to be good enough to help others who suffer from mental health and personal dilemmas. The first is personal development and professional integrations. Including personal counselling sessions and then clients work to gather an experience. Yes, the counsellor students have to attend at least fiftyContinue reading “What a Counsellor and Psychotherapist have to learn…?”

Reflection… before personal development

All the questions and perhaps philosophical approach are set of personal developing, rather than personal eloquence or my confessions. The article can be used for personal reflection, not an educational material. Before I started writing my reflection of personal development I give a few questions for myself to recognise my interior needs and personal curiosity.Continue reading “Reflection… before personal development”