Narrative Therapy.

Narrative therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping individuals rewrite and reshape the stories they have about themselves and their lives. It was developed in the 1980s by Michael White and David Epston, who believed that people’s problems were not inherent within them but rather influenced by the dominant narratives or storiesContinue reading “Narrative Therapy.”

Strategic Family Therapy. 

Strategic therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on finding practical solutions to specific problems and achieving desired outcomes in a relatively short period of time. It was developed by renowned family therapists, Jay Haley and Cloe Madanes, who were influenced by the work of psychiatrist and hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson. The key premiseContinue reading “Strategic Family Therapy. “

Structural Family Therapy. 

Structural therapy, is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on identifying and changing the underlying patterns and structures within a family system. Developed by Salvador Minuchin in the 1960s, structural therapy views the family as a complex system in which individual members’ behaviors and interactions are interconnected and influenced by the overall family structure. TheContinue reading “Structural Family Therapy. “

Family Therapy. 

Family therapy, also known as family counseling or family systems therapy, is a form of psychological therapy that focuses on improving the functioning and well-being of the entire family unit. It recognizes that individual members of a family are interconnected and that problems affecting one person can impact the entire family system. No matter ifContinue reading “Family Therapy. “

Stress and its impact on our lives. 

What is stress?  Stress is our eternal ally, but sometimes, especially nowadays, a disease of civilization. Stress as an emotion helps us to properly respond to stressful situations. When we feel under pressure or threat, or in a situation in which we cannot properly and rationally manage our own resources or the goods entrusted toContinue reading “Stress and its impact on our lives. “

Raising your own self-esteem.

What is a self esteem? Self-esteem is closely related to our development, and then our perception of the world according to learned norms. Personal development is a long process of human puzzles that is influenced by many different stages of our lives. Such stages are experiences that create something new as well as change experiencesContinue reading “Raising your own self-esteem.”

Trauma and its impact on our lives.

  What is mean trauma? Trauma – as the name suggests, it is a traumatic experience or event in our life that has had a negative impact on the way we behave and perceive reality. Painful experiences mainly relate to accidents, natural disasters or being deliberately injured by other people. The trauma can be experiencedContinue reading “Trauma and its impact on our lives.”

Men’s well-being.

The basic condition for keeping us alive is proper nutrition and physical condition, but we must not forget about our mental health, which is not a measurable factor for the overall health of the body and the vitality of the entire society. Through family relationships and proper self-understanding. It was assumed that “a healthy mindContinue reading “Men’s well-being.”

Mourning in our lives.

Mourning in our lives is an inevitable process and also the emotions that accompany it. Emotional and physical loss is the subject of many studies and considerations and is nothing new, although still distant and incomprehensible to many of us. We are dealing with mourning for the loss of loved ones, but also animals, whereContinue reading “Mourning in our lives.”

There are fear among us.

Perceiving your own fear or anxiety can have many faces, as well as various behaviors, through freezing out of fear or aggressive behavior caused by defense patterns formed during our lives. Anxiety as a mental disorder is viewed in many ways and from different perspectives. Depending on the knowledge and understanding of the recipient andContinue reading “There are fear among us.”