How to prepare for on line counselling?

How to prepare for online counselling? Today, I will be talking about How to prepare for online counselling? My name Is Marcin Bogucki and I am a Psychotherapist in Private Counselling Practice. All information that you find here is from my counselling practice experience and educational material from continued professional development. In a previous postContinue reading “How to prepare for on line counselling?”

Relative Merits of Online Counselling.

Remote Therapy is a form of psychotherapy or other psychological therapy in which a trained psychotherapist meets with the client for an interview by telephone, internet or other electronic media. Remote contact is to substitution, the conventional practice of face to face. Particularly nowadays during the pandemic online counselling is very demanding but is notContinue reading “Relative Merits of Online Counselling.”

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT in short is an integration of cognition and behaviour psychology which interact with human behaviour in various fields of human existence. This therapy is developing to improve mental health and wellbeing of individuals.  According to Beck’s Instruction of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT in short, is an establishment ofContinue reading “Cognitive Behavior Therapy”