Personal boundaries.

What are they and how to deal with them? In our life we ​​meet with many limitations, as well as with many privileges which have their own rules. On the one hand something begins, on the other hand it ends. In many cases, we have no influence on what happens: how the weather changes orContinue reading “Personal boundaries.”

Fall in love.

To fall in love it is a beautiful moment. But do not forget love & respect your self first, as you the most important elements in your amazing but often difficult life. Do you see these scraps of plants and twigs floating? Floating in a moss-covered heart. It is so with our heart, because weContinue reading “Fall in love.”

Watch “Introduction to Bogucki Psychotherapy Practice” on YouTube

How to prepare for online counselling? Today, I will be talking about How to prepare for online counselling? My name Is Marcin Bogucki and I am a Psychotherapist in Private Counselling Practice. All information that you find here is from my counselling practice experience and educational material from continued professional development. In a previous postContinue reading “Watch “Introduction to Bogucki Psychotherapy Practice” on YouTube”

Self care in work place.

The counselling in the workplace can be effective in many situations such as stress, depression, anxiety, bullying, physically abusive, discrimination, racism and lots of different issues. Counselling in the workplace can expand defensiveness, increased ability to express themselves, improved relationships with other people and increased self-esteem which can be very effective and helpful. Each caseContinue reading “Self care in work place.”