Systemic Therapy.

Systemic therapy, also known as systemic family therapy or systemic psychotherapy, is an approach to psychotherapy that focuses on understanding and addressing individuals’ difficulties within the context of their relationships and larger social systems. It is based on the idea that problems arise from and are maintained by interactions within families or other significant groups.Continue reading “Systemic Therapy.”

Narrative Therapy.

Narrative therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping individuals rewrite and reshape the stories they have about themselves and their lives. It was developed in the 1980s by Michael White and David Epston, who believed that people’s problems were not inherent within them but rather influenced by the dominant narratives or storiesContinue reading “Narrative Therapy.”

Strategic Family Therapy. 

Strategic therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on finding practical solutions to specific problems and achieving desired outcomes in a relatively short period of time. It was developed by renowned family therapists, Jay Haley and Cloe Madanes, who were influenced by the work of psychiatrist and hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson. The key premiseContinue reading “Strategic Family Therapy. “