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Trauma and its impact on our lives.

  Trauma – as the name suggests, it is a traumatic experience or event in our life that has had a negative impact on the way we behave and perceive reality. Painful experiences mainly relate to accidents, natural disasters or being deliberately injured by other people. The trauma can be experienced personally or witnessed by it. Trauma can come at any age and there are no limits to this, such experiences…

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Men’s well-being.

The basic condition for keeping us alive is proper nutrition and physical condition, but we must not forget about our mental health, which is not a measurable factor for the overall health of the body and the vitality of the entire society. Through family relationships and proper self-understanding. It was assumed that “a healthy mind is in a healthy body” but is it for everyone? How we perceive each other maps…

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Mourning in our lives.

Mourning in our lives is an inevitable process and also the emotions that accompany it. Emotional and physical loss is the subject of many studies and considerations and is nothing new, although still distant and incomprehensible to many of us. We are dealing with mourning for the loss of loved ones, but also animals, where they are often family members and the loss of our pets is not at all less…

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