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Stress and its impact on our lives. 

What is stress?  Stress is our eternal ally, but sometimes, especially nowadays, a disease of civilization. Stress as an emotion helps us to properly respond to stressful situations. When we feel under pressure or threat, or in a situation in which we cannot properly and rationally manage our own resources or the goods entrusted to us. The problems will increase as the situation worsens. It can be overload, financial problems, discrimination,…

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Raising your own self-esteem.

What is a self esteem? Self-esteem is closely related to our development, and then our perception of the world according to learned norms. Personal development is a long process of human puzzles that is influenced by many different stages of our lives. Such stages are experiences that create something new as well as change experiences that have already arisen. According to Carl Rogers, the essence of personal development is “I”. Rogers…

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Trauma and its impact on our lives.

  What is mean trauma? Trauma – as the name suggests, it is a traumatic experience or event in our life that has had a negative impact on the way we behave and perceive reality. Painful experiences mainly relate to accidents, natural disasters or being deliberately injured by other people. The trauma can be experienced personally or witnessed by it. Trauma can come at any age and there are no limits…

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